• We recently heard that our NSF grant through DEB (Collaborative Research: Species delimitation, hybridization, and the origin of parthenogenesis in whiptail lizards [Aspidoscelis]) was recommended for funding, so keep an eye out for cool new papers on whiptails over the next couple years! This work is in collaboration with Bob Thomson, Tod Reeder, Adrián Nieto Montes de Oca, and Norma Leticia Manríquez Morán.
  • I was invited to give a talk at the 2018 SSB meetings this summer in Columbus OH. If you are interested in posterior predictive simulation, check out the workshop I’ll be helping organize:
  • In addition to the ‘Perspective’ piece (see publications), our new paper in Molecular Ecology got picked up by a DNA Barcoding Blog
  • Bill Duellman’s book on Marsupial Frogs released (I was fortunate to work for Bill while I was at KU, helping him finish putting it together, it’s great to see the final version). Congratulations’s to Bill on an incredible job and a great resource!