Mexico Trip

I recently returned from a trip to Mexico City. I was there for a couple weeks, working with my collaborator Adrián Nieto at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM). We’re working on trying to finish up a couple manuscripts on the phylogeny of Mexican whiptails. It was a really productive, fun trip, and was … More Mexico Trip

2016 Beckman Symposium

This weekend I attended the 2016 Beckman Symposium, which took place at the Arnold and Mabel Beckman Center of the National Academies of Sciences and Engineering on the campus of the University of California, Irvine. This is the annual gathering of all researchers that are supported by the Arnold and Mabel Beckman Foundation, through which my … More 2016 Beckman Symposium

Summer Fieldwork

I just got back from some fun summer of fieldwork and scientific conferences. Things started off at Abaco Island in May, where Amber Wright invited me to help out catching lizards. She and her collaborators were just finishing off an experiment looking at the effects of seaweed on foodweb dynamics between plants, spiders, and lizards on … More Summer Fieldwork

New Paper and ‘Perspective’ in Molecular Ecology

Bob and I have a new paper just out in Molecular Ecology, along with a perspective piece by Lucie Zinger and Hervé Philippe highlighting it in the same issue. This is the first manuscript based on the Beckman Postdoctoral Fellowship that I received this past year. The main idea of the proposal is to examine how well statistical methods used … More New Paper and ‘Perspective’ in Molecular Ecology

Snake-eyed skink surveys

Recently, Sam Fisher (an undergrad just starting in the lab), Bob, and I started a project surveying for Oceanic Snake-eyed Skinks (Cryptoblepharus poecilopleurus) in Hawaii. These lizards live in rocky coastal habitats on islands throughout the Pacific that usually have harsh, hot and xeric microclimates. They are pretty neat (you can see in the picture below … More Snake-eyed skink surveys

Genomic library prep

This past week I got started building genomic libraries for several projects that are just getting underway. It’s been interesting getting back to wetlab work, as I’ve been focusing more on several computational research projects since starting my postdoc. Two of the projects I am collecting data for are investigations of hybridization and species limits in … More Genomic library prep

Herp Night!

This semester Bob, Amber Wright, and I are reviving a tradition of having a Herp Night once a month during the semester. This basically involves getting together people from around Honolulu who are interested in reptiles and amphibians and having someone give a seminar, followed by discussion. It’s a good opportunity to bring the local … More Herp Night!